About You – The Perfect Client

Over the years, we have observed some common characteristics in our family law clients.  If you need help with your Massachusetts litigated divorce, an uncontested divorce, mediation, child support, or alimony case then we are likely a good fit for you if you agree with at least some of the statements below:

  • You see the wisdom in not letting feelings of anger and revenge completely control your actions during and after divorce.
  • You want a Massachusetts divorce law firm that knows their stuff.
  • If you have children, you appreciate the importance of minimizing the effects of conflict on them during and after divorce.
  • You want attentive service and enjoy the benefits of working with caring professionals.
  • You know enough to look out for anyone that may just tell you what they think you want to hear.
  • You want a law firm that is careful with and respectful of your personal information.
  • Legal fees are an important consideration, but you know selecting your Massachusetts divorce lawyer, collaborative attorney or divorce mediator based upon price alone is a mistake.
  • You are looking for a Massachusetts divorce lawyer or mediator in for a case in Norfolk, Middlesex, Worcester, Suffolk, Plymouth, or Bristol County, Massachusetts.
  • You will pay your legal fees in a timely manner, as set forth in your client agreement.   Please don’t ask us to finance your legal fees or work for free.

To schedule your confidential appointment with a divorce attorney or divorce mediator in our Medway or Burlington office, please call us at (508) 346-3805.