Why Hire Us?

Choosing The Divorce Collaborative in a sea of options

In a crowded sea of Massachusetts divorce lawyers and mediators, The Divorce Collaborative stands out.

At The Divorce Collaborative, we know Massachusetts divorce and related family law issues, such as child support, custody, alimony, and asset division.

We are not generalists that use your case as filler between the next real estate closing, drunk driving trial, or bankruptcy case.

  • We are committed to top-notch client service to help reduce your stress, not add to it.
  • We know divorce and the dynamics of family conflict.
  • We’ll help you resolve your family law issues with an eye towards the future.
  • We understand the effects of divorce on kids, and will educate you on how to keep them out of the conflict as much as possible.
  • We are trained in alternative dispute resolution techniques, including divorce mediation and collaborative divorce.
  • Worried about high legal fees? At TDC, we’ll usually be able to provide a fixed fee option for your case so you will know in advance what your legal fee will be under one of our comprehensive fixed fee plans.
  • Cutting-edge technology and the tools to get the job done.
  • Convenient location in the Metro-West Boston area, Medway, MA.   Don’t live near our office, but like what you see?  Just send an email to ccunnally@cunnallylawgroup.com.
  • Advanced divorce financial planning software will help prepare you for the days ahead. Need a post-divorce cash flow analysis that factors in your expenses and child support and/or alimony?  Sure, we can do that.
  • Our focus is on your needs and goals, not ours.
  • Want to IMPROVE your marriage?  We can provide mediation services to help you stay married!

Please call (508) 346-3805 to schedule a private consultation.

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