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Massachusetts Custody & Child Support Lawyer Comments on Recent News Story

By Colleen Cunnally, Esq As a Massachusetts divorce and family law attorney and mediator, I’ve been following the case of the convicted rapist who, as a condition of his probation, was ordered to financially support the child born to his then eighth-grade victim.  The father’s age at the time of the offense has been reported at 20, but another story on the ABC News website reported his age at 17.  He and the victim met at a church youth group according to reports.   Now the father, who plead guilty and was sentenced to 16 years probation, wants access to […]

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Paternity in Massachusetts – Who’s Your Daddy?

By Colleen Cunnally, Esq. “Luke…I am your Father…” The movie quote by Darth Vader is actually “No, I am your Father,” but you get the point. Luke Skywalker did not discover Darth Vader was really his dad until he was a young man in the movie The Empire Strikes Back but let’s hope most children have the force with them much sooner and don’t have to wait so long for paternity to be established in Massachusetts. Roughly 41% of children born in the U.S. are born to unmarried moms.  The percent of children born out of wedlock dramatically increased toward the […]

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Massachusetts Divorce and Life Insurance

By Bedford and Franklin, MA divorce mediator and divorce lawyer Stephen McDonough, Esq. Life insurance can serve an important function in your Massachusetts divorce agreement. Before you can understand the key role life insurance plays in your divorce, knowing about the main policy types is helpful.  So, sit down and grab some napkins while we embark on an exciting journey into the world of life insurance! Two Types of Life Insurance – Chocolate & Vanilla  It is almost summer time, so imagine soft-serve ice cream…I frequently do…OK, stop. With soft-serve ice cream, two basic options exist, chocolate or vanilla.  If […]

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Massachusetts Child Support – Are you a Deadbeat Parent?

Massachusetts child support and divorce lawyer Stephen McDonough was recently featured in a story about a new federal website targeting some of the worst deadbeat offenders in the U.S. Although most people think about child support issues as pertaining only to individual states, when deadbeat parents flee to another state or country the federal government can step in. The Federal Office of the Inspector General launched the new website, which you can visit by clicking here.   The top deadbeat parent owes in excess of one million dollars in child support. That’s nice.  He probably just fell behind a little, and will catch up next week! The new website hopes […]

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Child Support in Massachusetts – Don’t Be On the Naughty List

Massachusetts divorce and child support lawyer Colleen Cunnally was quoted in an article about collecting child support by Jennifer King on the website today.   The article discusses the case of a mother from West Virginia and her efforts to have the court enforce her child support order against her ex-husband.  The article also highlights some of the challenges involved with collecting child support or alimony and public and private enforcement options. Click here to read the article. Are you owed back child support or alimony in Massachusetts?  If so, then the payor is in arrears and definitely on the […]

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Massachusetts Divorce & Limited Assistance Representation

Are you thinking about a Massachusetts divorce or do you have a post-divorce issue, such as a child support case before the probate and family court? Are you asking yourself these questions:  Do I really need an Attorney?  Can’t I represent myself? The short answer is, technically you are allowed to represent yourself.    Technically, you could also remove your own tonsils.   Alas, consider this quote… “A man who represents himself has a fool for a client.”  Abraham Lincoln Abe Lincoln was a wise man and of course a lawyer too!  Arguably, things have not changed much since 1865, […]

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The Divorce Collaborative Welcomes Attorney Colleen Cunnally

The Divorce Collaborative is pleased to announce  Attorney Colleen Cunnally has joined the firm.  Colleen has over ten years of experience in divorce and family law, and is a graduate of Suffolk University Law School in Boston, MA.  Colleen has much courtroom experience and in addition to private practice, worked at the MA Department of Revenue as a supervisor in their Child Support Litigation Unit.  Needless to say, she is well-versed in child support, interstate child support, and issues related to Massachusetts divorce in general. Colleen recently completed a week of mediation training and is also available to serve as […]

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Child Support in Massachusetts – When Does It End?

Child support in Massachusetts in covered in Chapter 208, Section 28 of the Massachusetts General Laws. Child support is an important part of any divorce when there are minor children, so parents should have at least a basic understanding of child support.  Make sure your divorce attorney or divorce mediator explains child support to you if you are or may be paying or receiving child support. One of the most frequent questions asked about child support is “how long does child support last?” Child support normally lasts until a child is 18, although it may continue until age 23 if […]

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Massachusetts Child Support Guidelines – Article in Sun Chronicle

The impact of the current economic climate on divorced parents who pay or receive child support is evident by an increase  in the number of complaints for modification and complaints for contempt filed in the probate and family court.  I was interviewed recently on this subject for an article published in the Sun Chronicle.   To read the article, please click here.

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Massachusetts Child Support Guidelines Seminar – Available Online

If you were unable to attend our recent seminars on the new Massachusetts Child Support Guidelines, you can now view our Powerpoint slide show in the comfort of your own home.  Just click on the link below to download the presentation.  Then sit back and relax.  There’s only one catch:  you’ll have to provide your own refreshments. wagner-mcdonough- child-support guidelines slide show

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