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Massachusetts Family Law Attorney Attends AFCC Conference in LA

  I recently attended a family law conference hosted by the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts (AFCC) in Los Angeles, CA.  As a practicing Massachusetts divorce attorney and divorce mediator, I think it is important to get away once in a while to attend a professional development conference.  The best practitioners are those who are constantly learning about new developments in family law and mediation.  The information we learn not only benefits our clients but on a personal level, every time I attend a conference with esteemed colleagues, it reenergizes me!   The conference was well attended by family court […]

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Massachusetts Divorce & Taxes

By Massachusetts divorce lawyer and mediator Katherine Thomas Forget abut death and taxes, what about divorce and taxes? If you are getting a Massachusetts divorce, you have a lot to think about.   To make matters even more interesting, tax season is here. Please curtail your excitement. Tax commercials flood the airwaves, people stand in silly costumes by the side of the road, and the W2s have arrived.  CPAs retreat to the dark, deep chambers of their lairs. Completing and filing taxes can be painful enough (especially when you find out you owe more money to Uncle Sam), but couples who […]

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Massachusetts Divorce – What takes so long?

By Colleen Cunnally – Massachusetts divorce lawyers and mediators at The Divorce Collaborative. Prior to entering into a marriage ceremony in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, couples must apply for a marriage license at a town or city hall.   The application takes about 10-15 minutes to complete.  There is a mandatory three-day waiting period before the license is issued. That’s the easy part! The Massachusetts divorce process is neither quick nor simple.  Unless a couple is without assets or children, the divorce process is more involved than sometimes portrayed.  Although someone might take years to decide to initiate a divorce, once things start […]

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Home Alone – Should You Really Keep the House After Your Massachusetts Divorce?

By Massachusetts divorce lawyer and mediator Stephen McDonough of  The Divorce Collaborative The marital home is oftentimes a couple’s largest financial asset. Unfortunately, home values remain depressed and your real estate is also probably your largest expense. Part of property settlement discussions surrounding a divorce whether you are in divorce mediation or having a litigated, court-based case, involves whether one spouse or the other – or neither – should stay in the house.  Before agreeing to take over the house, also known as the marital home, do your homework and consider these  helpful pointers: First, check your credit score.  It’s […]

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Pets and Your Massachusetts Divorce

By Colleen Cunnally, Esq. – Divorce Lawyer and Mediator at The Divorce Collaborative Thanksgiving is over and now it’s time for Christmas!  My house is decorated and it’s time to start my Christmas shopping.  The usual suspects on my list include the hubby, my siblings, the nephews and nieces and last but not least my beloved DOG!  Yes, the dog gets her own stocking and assorted Christmas presents.  She even gets presents from her “cousins” Oreo and Angus. I admit, my family is a little dog crazy. Our dog obsession is not unusual.  I recently read Americans spend 50 BILLION dollars […]

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Parenting Plan Challenges – Boston Divorce Lawyer

If you are a separated or divorced parent in Massachusetts, you are likely dealing with some disruption today.  I know this because today is Monday, and ends in a “y.”  Of course as parents, disruption is the norm, and we can handle it!   Parenting is certainly rewarding, but also presents challenges – especially during and after a divorce. Combine the regular parenting and custody issues such as communications and coordinating transportation and swirl in a Hurricane/Nor’easter for even more excitement!   The power just went off for the record.  Seriously. Sandy is wreaking havoc with power lines, tree branches, […]

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Massachusetts Divorce – Don’t Try This At Home!

By Stephen McDonough, Massachusetts divorce lawyer and mediator serving the Lexington, Medfield, and Worcester areas. The September 2012 issue of the trusted Consumer Reports magazine did an interesting piece about some of the web-based do it yourself services that claim to allow people to complete their own legal documents. To read the article, click here. So what did Consumer Reports think about service such as Legal Zoom, Nolo, Quicken’s WillMaker and Rocket Lawyer? In a nutshell they were not impressed and concluded that many consumers would be better served by consulting with their own lawyer.  Yeah, I know.  I am a lawyer so you […]

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Cohabitation, Alimony and Modifications in Massachusetts – Three’s Company

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Same Sex Marriage in Massachusetts and Beyond

By Colleen Cunnally, Esq. As of July 2012, eight states (including Massachusetts) allow same-sex couples to marry.  As a Massachusetts divorce and family law lawyer and mediator, I’m proud to say Massachusetts was the first state in the nation to declare in the landmark decision Goodridge v. Department of Public Health, 798 N.E. 2d 941 (2003), same sex couples have a fundamental right to marry.  Since 2003, seven more states have passed laws to afford their citizens that same right.  I believe it’s a matter of time before more states pass similar legislation.  In the meantime, divorce and family law […]

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Divorce Mediator – Bedford, Concord, Lexington, & Franklin MA Areas

If you need a divorce mediator in the Bedford, Concord, Lexington, or Franklin, MA areas, your options just increased!   The Massachusetts divorce and family law firm The Divorce Collaborative  is pleased to announce that Attorney Katherine Thomas recently completed her divorce and family mediation training in Boston. Attorney Thomas, a graduate of Holy Cross and the University of Connecticut Law School, joined The Divorce Collaborative in the Spring of 2011.  She volunteers with the Domestic Violence Services Network (DVSN) and is a member of the Bedford Education Foundation. During the last year, Katherine has represented divorce clients in the […]

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