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Paternity in Massachusetts – Who’s Your Daddy?

By Colleen Cunnally, Esq. “Luke…I am your Father…” The movie quote by Darth Vader is actually “No, I am your Father,” but you get the point. Luke Skywalker did not discover Darth Vader was really his dad until he was a young man in the movie The Empire Strikes Back but let’s hope most children have the force with them much sooner and don’t have to wait so long for paternity to be established in Massachusetts. Roughly 41% of children born in the U.S. are born to unmarried moms.  The percent of children born out of wedlock dramatically increased toward the […]

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Forget Divorce! Here are some Reasons to Get or Stay Married

By Colleen Cunnally, a Massachusetts divorce attorney and mediator with The Divorce Collaborative of Bedford and Franklin. Marriage is nothing but  “a piece of paper!” I chuckle when I hear this statement.  As a Massachusetts divorce attorney and divorce mediator,  I want to shout out, “NOT TRUE!”  The institution of marriage comes with a number of significant benefits.  These marital “rights” or “benefits” are often taken for granted.  I will save the “friends with benefits” post for another time. So, what are some reasons to get married or work to improve your relationship and stay married? Tax Benefits  Spouses have […]

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