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Forget Divorce! Here are some Reasons to Get or Stay Married

By Colleen Cunnally, a Massachusetts divorce attorney and mediator with The Divorce Collaborative of Bedford and Franklin. Marriage is nothing but  “a piece of paper!” I chuckle when I hear this statement.  As a Massachusetts divorce attorney and divorce mediator,  I want to shout out, “NOT TRUE!”  The institution of marriage comes with a number of significant benefits.  These marital “rights” or “benefits” are often taken for granted.  I will save the “friends with benefits” post for another time. So, what are some reasons to get married or work to improve your relationship and stay married? Tax Benefits  Spouses have […]

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Selecting your Massachusetts Divorce Mediator

When selecting a Massachusetts divorce mediator, you should know the mediation process can vary quite a bit depending on the firm or mediator you select. Here are some things to consider: It surprises people to learn that Massachusetts mediators do not have to be attorneys.  A non-lawyer divorce mediator is not allowed to draft your final divorce agreement.  Are there some good non-attorney mediators?  Sure.  Do we think that is your best choice for a divorce?  Nope. Some Mediation firms don’t help clients with their court financial statements, and may not collect any back-up financial documentation.    We think  financial […]

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10 Reasons Clients Choose Massachusetts Divorce Mediation

If you are facing a Massachusetts divorce, then you should certainly consider mediation as an alternative  to expensive litigation. A mediator is a neutral third party that helps a couple resolve the issues related to their divorce.  Mediation can also be used to assist with post-divorce issues, such as child support or alimony modifications. Additionally, Mediation to Stay Married is a newer application of the mediation process for couples wishing to improve their relationships and stay together. Most couples can efficiently use a mediator for their divorce. Mediation is not only for simple divorces or where there is very little […]

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Massachusetts Marital Agreement Case Decided

Most of you have heard of a prenuptial agreement since they are frequently discussed in the media, especially during reports about divorces of the rich and famous.  Although not as well-known, postnuptial (also known as marital or post-marital) agreements also exist.  A postnuptial agreement is entered into by a married couple to set forth the details of their settlement in the event of a divorce, but are drafted before the time of divorce, sometimes in an attempt to actually improve a marriage. A marital agreement is different from a separation agreement (also sometimes referred to as a divorce agreement) that […]

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Select the Right Pros For Your Massachusetts Divorce

If you are contemplating a divorce in Massachusetts, take the time to carefully select your professional support team.  With the economy still taking its toll, it can be tempting to try and get through your divorce on the chap or even without any help at all.   Remember when you thought about saving for a rainy day or an emergency?  This is it –  and you should be careful when hiring people to help you through your divorce.   Sure, it might be tempting to hire someone based on price, or maybe even try to get through the process without a […]

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Massachusetts Divorce Mediator & Lawyer Provides Tips to Improve Spousal Communications

Spring has sprung in the Norfolk-Franklin-Medfield, Massachusetts area.   Easter will be here soon, the local overflowing rivers will return to their proper places, baseball season is only a few weeks away, and thoughts turn to improving our communication skills with our spouses or significant others. OK, I made the last part up.   As a divorce lawyer, mediator, and husband, I know a thing or two about spousal communications.  One thing I know is that my wife should really improve her skills in this area, as I am of course close to perfection.   Seriously though, communication between partners […]

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Stay Happily Married Podcast – Spouse Going Back to School

Attorney Lee Rosen is the owner of The Rosen Law Firm in North Carolina.   I worked at his firm right out of law school in what I now term “the southern experiment.”    Rosen Law Firm also sponsors the Stay Happily Married website.  Besides being a successful and insightful divorce attorney and business owner, Lee is an expert in law firm technology and marketing. This podcast reminded me of how much fun it was going to school at night while married to a working spouse and with two small children.   Luckily, having a patient and supporting spouse made […]

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