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Massachusetts Mandatory Parent Education Program For Divorcing Parents With Minor Children

By Massachusetts Divorce Lawyer and Divorce Mediator Colleen E. Cunnally, Esq.  Divorcing couples are usually most concerned about their children.  How will my children adjust to the change in our family structure?  How will I effectively co-parent with my soon to be ex?  When and how should we tell the kids?  What questions will they ask?  My ex is placing the children in the middle!  For these reasons and more, the Massachusetts Probate and Family Court requires parents of minor children (even in uncontested cases) to complete a mandatory parent education class.  The order requiring the completion of the class […]

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Don’t Shoot Your Eye Out! Tips for Divorced Parents Around the Holidays

It’s the holiday season! Whooooppeeeeee! Time to do fun holiday activities with your kids, buy them gifts, and let them eat all forms of seasonal deliciousness! But, BAH HUMBUG, what if you and your ex-spouse have differing ideas about what is appropriate holiday fun? Every parent wants to be the fun parent.  No one likes to be the Grinch, but what do you do if your ex-spouse’s overindulgence of the kids leaves you feeling like Scrooge? Or, what if the guilt of getting a divorce is turning into trying to make up for it by buying your child lots of […]

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Parenting Plan Challenges – Boston Divorce Lawyer

If you are a separated or divorced parent in Massachusetts, you are likely dealing with some disruption today.  I know this because today is Monday, and ends in a “y.”  Of course as parents, disruption is the norm, and we can handle it!   Parenting is certainly rewarding, but also presents challenges – especially during and after a divorce. Combine the regular parenting and custody issues such as communications and coordinating transportation and swirl in a Hurricane/Nor’easter for even more excitement!   The power just went off for the record.  Seriously. Sandy is wreaking havoc with power lines, tree branches, […]

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Paternity in Massachusetts – Who’s Your Daddy?

By Colleen Cunnally, Esq. “Luke…I am your Father…” The movie quote by Darth Vader is actually “No, I am your Father,” but you get the point. Luke Skywalker did not discover Darth Vader was really his dad until he was a young man in the movie The Empire Strikes Back but let’s hope most children have the force with them much sooner and don’t have to wait so long for paternity to be established in Massachusetts. Roughly 41% of children born in the U.S. are born to unmarried moms.  The percent of children born out of wedlock dramatically increased toward the […]

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Milford, MA Divorce Mediation – Case Study

Note:  This post gives a glimpse into what an actual session with a divorce mediator from The Divorce Collaborative is like.  The facts are based upon a recent session wit clients from the Milford and Worcester, MA area. Earlier this week I was sitting with a couple from the Milford, MA area in our Franklin office.  It was their first divorce mediation session.  The couple has two young children and both parents work full-time.  Like many dual-income families, these parents had already decided they would each spend about the same amount of time with the kids, also known as shared […]

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Not Making It in Massachusetts? Removal in Massachusetts Divorce Cases

After your Massachusetts divorce, maybe you want to move on with your life, maybe try living in a new place?   Perhaps you  have a job offer in another state, or your new spouse lives in Michigan (or hopefully somewhere warm)!  Perhaps you are sick and tired of New England winters or hurricane Irene has convinced you to run for higher ground.   Before you start packing those boxes, you need to know what is required under Massachusetts state law if you want to move away with your children. M.G.L. c. 208, Sec. 30 states that a minor child of […]

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Talking With Your Kids About Your Divorce – Podcast

As if getting a Massachusetts divorce wasn’t already stressful, once you and your spouse decide that is where you are heading you need to talk to the children about the transitions ahead.   Talking with your kids about your divorce can be a sad and stressful conversation.  Many of our clients are anxious about this, yet with some planning it can go smoothly and you will be better prepared. Previously, I wrote a blogpost on Telling Your Kids About Your Divorce.  I had a lot of good feedback on this post from parents. Because this topic so frequently comes up […]

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Long Distance Parenting After Divorce

  By Stephen McDonough – A Massachusetts divorce and family lawyer and mediator at  The Divorce Collaborative We know that divorce is stressful on children as well as parents. Parenting can be a challenge even under the best of circumstances.  When a long-distance relocation of a parent is added into the child custody equation, even more effort is required from everyone. Such issues are not insurmountable, but planning, flexibility, good communications and a focus on what is best for the children will go far to promote happier kids and parents.    It is a good idea to work with an […]

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Telling Your Kids About Your Divorce

By Stephen F. McDonough, Massachusetts Divorce Attorney & Mediator at The Divorce Collaborative.   And you thought the birds and bees talk was going to be stressful. Telling your children about your divorce is a difficult conversation that parents dread. Basically, the key to speaking to your children about your divorce is the same as if you were painting a room – it is all about the preparation. Thus, you and your spouse should talk together first, and agree on the following  “Four Ws”: Who will tell them? When will you tell your children? What will you tell them? Why – […]

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What’s New at The Divorce Collaborative

I have received thousands of emails (OK, only a few) asking about the lack of recent blog posts.  Not to worry, all is well. The last couple of months I have been working on some internal things at the firm, including updating forms and creating some new procedures to improve how we help our divorcing clients.  Getting the Bedford, MA office set up also took some time away from blogging. In November, I attended the MILOFEST (Macs in Law Offices)  Conference in Orlando for the 2nd year in a row. Attorney Victor Medina from the Princeton, NJ area did a […]

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