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Massachusetts Divorce & Taxes

By Massachusetts divorce lawyer and mediator Katherine Thomas Forget abut death and taxes, what about divorce and taxes? If you are getting a Massachusetts divorce, you have a lot to think about.   To make matters even more interesting, tax season is here. Please curtail your excitement. Tax commercials flood the airwaves, people stand in silly costumes by the side of the road, and the W2s have arrived.  CPAs retreat to the dark, deep chambers of their lairs. Completing and filing taxes can be painful enough (especially when you find out you owe more money to Uncle Sam), but couples who […]

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Home Alone – Should You Really Keep the House After Your Massachusetts Divorce?

By Massachusetts divorce lawyer and mediator Stephen McDonough of  The Divorce Collaborative The marital home is oftentimes a couple’s largest financial asset. Unfortunately, home values remain depressed and your real estate is also probably your largest expense. Part of property settlement discussions surrounding a divorce whether you are in divorce mediation or having a litigated, court-based case, involves whether one spouse or the other – or neither – should stay in the house.  Before agreeing to take over the house, also known as the marital home, do your homework and consider these  helpful pointers: First, check your credit score.  It’s […]

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Don’t Shoot Your Eye Out! Tips for Divorced Parents Around the Holidays

It’s the holiday season! Whooooppeeeeee! Time to do fun holiday activities with your kids, buy them gifts, and let them eat all forms of seasonal deliciousness! But, BAH HUMBUG, what if you and your ex-spouse have differing ideas about what is appropriate holiday fun? Every parent wants to be the fun parent.  No one likes to be the Grinch, but what do you do if your ex-spouse’s overindulgence of the kids leaves you feeling like Scrooge? Or, what if the guilt of getting a divorce is turning into trying to make up for it by buying your child lots of […]

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Cohabitation, Alimony and Modifications in Massachusetts – Three’s Company

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Massachusetts Divorce – Handling Joint Debts

Thanks to our great economy, dealing with debt is a bigger part of divorce cases.  More then ever before, divorcing clients are facing short sales or foreclosure of real estate, bankruptcy, and significant debt load. During a Massachusetts divorce, what are some of the issues you should consider surrounding joint liabilities?  There are many variables to consider, so remember this is just general information.  Debts and liabilities fall under the larger umbrella of property distribution. Savvy readers of our website know that property division in Massachusetts must be…..?   Anyone?   Anyone? Answer:  Equitable!   Or fair.  But not necessarily […]

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Divorce and the 5 Stages of Grief

Divorce is almost always accompanied by feelings of grief and loss. Pretending your feelings of grief don’t exist will not work.   Instead, try working through the sadness so you can move forward emotionally.  Grieving is definitely part of the divorce process, and there are different things to grieve about, including the loss of your partner, loss of future plans as a couple and/or parents, the loss of your status as couple, and maybe even the loss of your home.  A parent may feel grief if they are not able to see their children as often as they would like. […]

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Love Stinks! Things to do on Valentine’s Day That Have Noting to do With Love

By Massachusetts divorce lawyer and mediator Colleen Cunnally If you are dealing with a separation or divorce, the last thing you may feel like doing on February 14th is celebrating Saint Valentine.  Here are some activities that do not involve flowers, candlelight dinners, Hallmark cards or Victoria Secret to help you manage. 1. Clean out your closet.  Ok….so that may not sound like the most fun activity in the world but it can be symbolic and therapeutic. Besides you will feel productive and you will make plenty of room for number 4. 2. Adopt a dog.  Dogs give you unconditional love […]

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Child Support in Massachusetts – Don’t Be On the Naughty List

Massachusetts divorce and child support lawyer Colleen Cunnally was quoted in an article about collecting child support by Jennifer King on the website today.   The article discusses the case of a mother from West Virginia and her efforts to have the court enforce her child support order against her ex-husband.  The article also highlights some of the challenges involved with collecting child support or alimony and public and private enforcement options. Click here to read the article. Are you owed back child support or alimony in Massachusetts?  If so, then the payor is in arrears and definitely on the […]

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Everybody Wants Some! Social Security & Divorce in Massachusetts

Like most government assistance programs, Social Security is confusing, especially when it comes to the topic of divorce.  In hopes of clearing up some of that confusion, here are some common questions and answers frequently asked by our Massachusetts divorce clients – with some classic 80s and 90s tunes thrown in for no particular reason.  Remember that Social Security is a federal system, and is thus regulated by federal statutes.   Your divorce agreement cannot alter the federal regulations. Q:  I stayed home with the kids while my spouse was able to work and pay into Social Security for years. […]

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Massachusetts Alimony Reform Act Signed by the Governor

On Monday, September 26, 2011, Governor Patrick signed the Massachusetts Alimony Reform Act of 2011.  The new law will go into effect on March 1, 2012, so we are in a bit of a transition period for a few more months. For more detailed analysis of the MA Alimony Reform Act, please click here to go to our alimony page of our website.  Another resource worth checking out is the website of the Massachusetts Alimony Reform Group.  This group was instrumental in bringing about the changes to the Massachusetts alimony laws. If you are paying alimony now in Massachusetts, make […]

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