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Massachusetts Divorce & Taxes

By Massachusetts divorce lawyer and mediator Katherine Thomas Forget abut death and taxes, what about divorce and taxes? If you are getting a Massachusetts divorce, you have a lot to think about.   To make matters even more interesting, tax season is here. Please curtail your excitement. Tax commercials flood the airwaves, people stand in silly costumes by the side of the road, and the W2s have arrived.  CPAs retreat to the dark, deep chambers of their lairs. Completing and filing taxes can be painful enough (especially when you find out you owe more money to Uncle Sam), but couples who […]

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Cohabitation, Alimony and Modifications in Massachusetts – Three’s Company

By Katherine Thomas, Esq. In case you missed it, a new Massachusetts alimony law went into effect in March of 2012. The Alimony Reform Act brought many changes to spousal support in Massachusetts, not the least of which being the official introduction of cohabitation to the statute. Under the new alimony statute, “general term alimony may be suspended, reduced, or terminated upon the cohabitation of the recipient spouse when the payor shows that the recipient spouse has maintained a common household…with another person for a continuous period of at least 3 months.” M.G. L. Ch. 208 s.49. Gone are the […]

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Life Insurance & Massachusetts Divorce…The Sequel

Nancy Van Tine from Burns & Levinson is a fellow Massachusetts divorce lawyer, neighbor, and all around nice person.  Nancy’s blog can be found here: Last week I blogged about life insurance, and Nancy recently blogged about life insurance also.  We must have both had some interesting issues with life insurance going on, or were under the control of some strange alignment of the solar system.  Either way, everyone knows you can never get too much information about life insurance! Nancy was kind enough to mention me in her post, and I wanted to provide a link to her […]

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Massachusetts Divorce and Life Insurance

By Bedford and Franklin, MA divorce mediator and divorce lawyer Stephen McDonough, Esq. Life insurance can serve an important function in your Massachusetts divorce agreement. Before you can understand the key role life insurance plays in your divorce, knowing about the main policy types is helpful.  So, sit down and grab some napkins while we embark on an exciting journey into the world of life insurance! Two Types of Life Insurance – Chocolate & Vanilla  It is almost summer time, so imagine soft-serve ice cream…I frequently do…OK, stop. With soft-serve ice cream, two basic options exist, chocolate or vanilla.  If […]

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Everybody Wants Some! Social Security & Divorce in Massachusetts

Like most government assistance programs, Social Security is confusing, especially when it comes to the topic of divorce.  In hopes of clearing up some of that confusion, here are some common questions and answers frequently asked by our Massachusetts divorce clients – with some classic 80s and 90s tunes thrown in for no particular reason.  Remember that Social Security is a federal system, and is thus regulated by federal statutes.   Your divorce agreement cannot alter the federal regulations. Q:  I stayed home with the kids while my spouse was able to work and pay into Social Security for years. […]

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Massachusetts Alimony Reform Act Signed by the Governor

On Monday, September 26, 2011, Governor Patrick signed the Massachusetts Alimony Reform Act of 2011.  The new law will go into effect on March 1, 2012, so we are in a bit of a transition period for a few more months. For more detailed analysis of the MA Alimony Reform Act, please click here to go to our alimony page of our website.  Another resource worth checking out is the website of the Massachusetts Alimony Reform Group.  This group was instrumental in bringing about the changes to the Massachusetts alimony laws. If you are paying alimony now in Massachusetts, make […]

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Massachusetts Divorce – Does Infidelity Really Matter?

The realization that your spouse was unfaithful during your marriage is upsetting, even life-altering to some. Reactions upon learning of a spouse’s affair vary, but include feelings of sadness, betrayal, shock, anger and an intense desire to listen to country music. Some couples are unable to overcome the damage caused by an affair, with divorce oftentimes the unfortunate result.  Although infidelity is certainly problematic, it is usually a sign of other troubles in a relationship.  If you are facing a Massachusetts divorce and marital infidelity is an issue, you are likely wondering… What effect does an affair have on my […]

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Massachusetts Alimony Reform Around the Corner?

By Attorney & Mediator Stephen McDonough of The Divorce Collaborative LLC Click here to watch Fox News spot on MA Alimony reform Whether you call it alimony or spousal support, some people love it, some people hate it.  In Massachusetts, many people inside and outside the legal community have been anticipating changes to our much-maligned alimony statute and system, which is definitely unlike other states.   For more info on MA alimony reform please read my earlier posts on the subject, including this post from October, 2010. As a reminder, you can always use the search function on the site to find […]

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