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Same Sex Marriage in Massachusetts and Beyond

By Colleen Cunnally, Esq. As of July 2012, eight states (including Massachusetts) allow same-sex couples to marry.  As a Massachusetts divorce and family law lawyer and mediator, I’m proud to say Massachusetts was the first state in the nation to declare in the landmark decision Goodridge v. Department of Public Health, 798 N.E. 2d 941 (2003), same sex couples have a fundamental right to marry.  Since 2003, seven more states have passed laws to afford their citizens that same right.  I believe it’s a matter of time before more states pass similar legislation.  In the meantime, divorce and family law […]

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Milford, MA Divorce Mediation – Case Study

Note:  This post gives a glimpse into what an actual session with a divorce mediator from The Divorce Collaborative is like.  The facts are based upon a recent session wit clients from the Milford and Worcester, MA area. Earlier this week I was sitting with a couple from the Milford, MA area in our Franklin office.  It was their first divorce mediation session.  The couple has two young children and both parents work full-time.  Like many dual-income families, these parents had already decided they would each spend about the same amount of time with the kids, also known as shared […]

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Your Massachusetts Divorce Support Team – Tips to Find the Right Therapist

While the thought of trying to choose a psychotherapist might seem intimidating or even overwhelming, it is not as difficult as you think. If you have ever picked a date for the prom, a baby sitter for your children, or a car to purchase, then you already know you are able to make choices. That’s good news at least.  If you are considering a Massachusetts divorce or are in the middle of one, then you may want to consider adding a mental health professional to your support team.   If you do not think you would benefit from therapy, well according […]

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Talking With Your Kids About Your Divorce – Podcast

As if getting a Massachusetts divorce wasn’t already stressful, once you and your spouse decide that is where you are heading you need to talk to the children about the transitions ahead.   Talking with your kids about your divorce can be a sad and stressful conversation.  Many of our clients are anxious about this, yet with some planning it can go smoothly and you will be better prepared. Previously, I wrote a blogpost on Telling Your Kids About Your Divorce.  I had a lot of good feedback on this post from parents. Because this topic so frequently comes up […]

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Massachusetts Divorce – Does Infidelity Really Matter?

The realization that your spouse was unfaithful during your marriage is upsetting, even life-altering to some. Reactions upon learning of a spouse’s affair vary, but include feelings of sadness, betrayal, shock, anger and an intense desire to listen to country music. Some couples are unable to overcome the damage caused by an affair, with divorce oftentimes the unfortunate result.  Although infidelity is certainly problematic, it is usually a sign of other troubles in a relationship.  If you are facing a Massachusetts divorce and marital infidelity is an issue, you are likely wondering… What effect does an affair have on my […]

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Wondering What a Massachusetts Collaborative Divorce is Really LIke?

More couples are learning that avoiding a nasty, litigated divorce just makes sense.   Besides divorce mediation, the collaborative process is another worthwhile option you should consider. Collaborative divorce is known as the “no court” divorce because the couple and their collaboratively trained lawyers pledge not to go to court until all details of the divorce are worked out.  Then the parties attend a simple uncontested divorce hearing.  The collaborative process is a respectful way to get divorced, where the priorities of both sides and any children can be supported in a way to reconstitute a family, not destroy it.  Collaborative […]

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How Collaborative Divorce Can Save Your Business

The Illinois law office of Lyn C. Conniff has an interesting post on their blog about how the collaborative process helps divorcing business owners by keeping stress levels down and productivity up.  The post also discusses how using neutral financial experts, including business evaluators, and scheduling flexibility can provide small business owners with a better divorce process. Want to talk to a Massachusetts collaborative lawyer?  Please call The Divorce Collaborative at (877) 842-1199 to schedule an informative meeting at our Bedford or Franklin, MA office. Massachusetts Collaborative Attorneys, Collaborative Coach serving Norwood, Norfolk, Medway, Millis, Franklin, Wrentham, Medfield, Bedford, Concord, […]

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Ready, Set, Divorce! – 4 Steps to a Better Massachusetts Divorce

  You probably wouldn’t go on vacation without first figuring out where you want to go, what you’ll need to pack, how long to be away,  and how to get there. Likewise, you wouldn’t buy a house without first considering the size of the house you’ll need, which neighborhoods would be suitable, what your budget is, etc. Just like preparing for a vacation or house hunting, it can be helpful to do some planning to better prepare for your Massachusetts divorce. So, before heading into the office of a skillful mediator, collaborative attorney or divorce litigator it makes sense to […]

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The Divorce Collaborative Announces Opening of Second Law Office in Bedford, MA

The Divorce Collaborative, a Massachusetts divorce and family law firm based in Franklin, MA, is pleased to  announce the opening of their second location in Bedford, MA at 41 North Road, Suite 205. The Divorce Collaborative provides litigation, mediation, and collaborative divorce services exclusively in the area of Massachusetts divorce and family law. Some folks have asked me “Hey Steve McDonough, why Bedford?” Bedford is a convenient location along Rt. 128 in Middlesex County, north-west of Boston.  As a Bedford native with many ties to the community, I am looking forward to seeing old friends around town and also making new […]

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Divorcing in a Down Economy-Don’t Tase Me, Bro!

Breaking up is hard to do, but it can be even worse during a down economy.  An August 28, 2010 article on the Wall Street Journal Personal Finance page Breaking Up Without Breaking the Bank discussed some of the challenges couples face when divorcing, and how those issues are amplified when assets have diminished in value or when one spouse is unemployed. There is also a comment from a St. Louis divorce lawyer who notes that hostility between couples is also up – so much so that she even keeps a taser within reach at her office!   Although I […]

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