Love Stinks! Things to do on Valentine’s Day That Have Noting to do With Love

Remember, St. Patty's Day is right around the corner!

By Massachusetts divorce lawyer and mediator Colleen Cunnally

If you are dealing with a separation or divorce, the last thing you may feel like doing on February 14th is celebrating Saint Valentine.  Here are some activities that do not involve flowers, candlelight dinners, Hallmark cards or Victoria Secret to help you manage.

1. Clean out your closet.  Ok….so that may not sound like the most fun activity in the world but it can be symbolic and therapeutic. Besides you will feel productive and you will make plenty of room for number 4.

2. Adopt a dog.  Dogs give you unconditional love and affection and are always happy to see you.  Besides they will never talk back to you, cheat on you or steal your money and…..they don’t come with Mother-In-Laws!

3. Try a New Exercise Class.  This is a healthy alternative to drowning your sorrows (although that’s an option too-just kidding!)  You can work off your aggression and you’ll feel great after.   Exercise is a stress reliever and will help you work off number 1.  And you might meet someone hot at the gym.

4. Retail Therapy.  Buy yourself a Valentine’s Day present…or two….or three.  I recommend a ridiculously expensive pair of shoes…and an extra pair in a size 6…just saying.  It will make you feel better, I promise.

5. Pamper yourself.  Schedule a massage, facial, get your nails done or all of the above.  You’ve earned it!

6. Wear Green.  Green is the new Red.  It’s considered to be the “opposite” of red.  Besides you can practice for the next holiday, St. Patrick’s Day who, in my opinion is a much more fun Saint to celebrate.

7. Eat ridiculous amounts of candy hearts and chocolate.  Do not feel guilty.

Repeat…remember the day is only 24 hours long!

Finally, a little bonus.  Click here to watch a classic anti-Valentine’s Day music video.

Colleen Cunnally is a Massachusetts divorce attorney and divorce mediator at The Divorce Collaborative of Franklin and Bedford, MA.  Attorney Cunnally frequently represents clients in Middlesex, Norfolk, Worcester, and Bristol Counties in all aspects of family law matters, including divorce, child support, and custody cases.


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