How Much Will Divorce Mediation Cost? (Part One)

I just flew back from a conference at Walt Disney World and boy are my arms tired (please stop groaning, I know that is a very old joke)! One of the sessions was about blogging topics, and writing about frequently asked questions was encouraged. Thus, I am embarking on some blog posts that address questions that are asked, well, frequently.

The answers to some FAQs may not be as straightforward as one might think or as prospective clients might desire. For example, people always ask where I get my good looks from and if I would be able to fix them up with any wealthy and attractive former clients once their own divorce becomes final. But seriously, consider the question posed in the title of this post from the perspective of the well-intentioned divorce mediator (that’s me).

So, just how much will your mediation cost? The answer is…It depends.

While a common and perfectly reasonable answer to many complicated legal matters; “it depends” is not the slightest bit helpful to you if you are trying to plan your divorce. Some legal experts suggest that anyone good at what they do should know the cost of the service they will provide. I mostly agree with this concept, yet a number of variables exist that preclude providing anything more than a rough estimate.

Obviously, this question is usually asked early in the process, oftentimes over the phone or by en email inquiry. At this early stage, I may not have even met with the couple and likely know little about the case dynamics. So, my future clients, I completely understand why you want an answer to this question, and when I purchase something I want to know how much it is going to cost just like you. For example, my dentist can tell me what a crown will cost. Yet, contrast this with a home improvement contractor giving an estimate on a roofing job.

Recently I obtained estimates on both of these items, neither of which I really want to spend money on, but really don’t have much of a choice. Eventually, I will have to do deal with both of these items. I do not plan on hiring the least expensive dentist or contractor. I think many of my clients feel the same way. They realize they need to move forward with their divorce, but they aren’t happy about spending the money. Let’s face it, it is not like going to Disney World.

Back to the dentist and the roofers. So, how can the dentist basically provide a firm price whereas the roofing contractor points out that there may be other charges? I will explain the answer in Part 2 of this post. Check back soon, or send your own answers in for a chance to win magical prizes.

Save money with divorce mediation, then go on vacation

Save money with divorce mediation, then go on vacation

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