10 Reasons Clients Choose Massachusetts Divorce Mediation

An experienced mediator can help couples bridge the gap and reach a resolution that both sides can live with.

If you are facing a Massachusetts divorce, then you should certainly consider mediation as an alternative  to expensive litigation.

A mediator is a neutral third party that helps a couple resolve the issues related to their divorce.  Mediation can also be used to assist with post-divorce issues, such as child support or alimony modifications.

Additionally, Mediation to Stay Married is a newer application of the mediation process for couples wishing to improve their relationships and stay together.

Most couples can efficiently use a mediator for their divorce. Mediation is not only for simple divorces or where there is very little conflict.   Couples with complex financial issues and significant conflict can mediate, but make sure your divorce mediator is experienced in all of the legal and financial issues.

10 reasons couples select Massachusetts divorce mediation instead of a contested divorce:

1)    Saves time – couples can have a lot of input regarding the pace of mediation.

2)   Saves money – mediation is almost always less expensive than a traditional court-based  divorce.   At The Divorce Collaborative LLC in Franklin, MA, we even have a number of  fee options available, including fixed fee options, hourly billing, and programs that do not require an advance retainer.

3)   Mediation is less stressful than the adversarial litigation process where the divorce  lawyers are driving the process –  and the costs!

4)    Mediation protects your privacy.

5)    The clients decide what’s fair and best for their family – not the courts or lawyers.

6)    A good divorce mediator will look out for the interests of both parties.

7)    Your mediator should educate you about the financial and legal issues, so you can make good decisions.

8)    Divorce Mediation provides a supportive, cooperative framework for resolving your conflict.

9)    The experience of mediation can improve communication skills between parents, having  a positive effect on post-divorce parenting and child custody issues.

10)  If your mediator is also a lawyer, all of your court forms and the full separation (divorce) agreement are completed as part of the process.

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